9 Fitness Toys That Keep Cats Healthy!

Your tubby tabby needs more exercise than just walking around the house all night if you want him to get more physical activity. Moving around is part of a regimen that gets your cat back into shape. These toys and tools can help him shed a few pounds!.

Da Bird

180Da Bird is a feathered toy attached to a string. Try to make it move like a real bird so your cat pounces on it and goes after it like he’s training to be a predator in the wild.

Dangling Toys

Feather sticks and other dangling toys provide hours of entertainment as you move objects back, forth up and down. Your kitty loves pawing at the various things that catch his eye.

Laser Pointers

Most cat lovers watch adorably funny videos of cats trying to catch the red laser spot on the wall. You can have endless entertainment possibilities, too, when you remember that pouncing on laser spots is really good exercise.


Cats love cardboard boxes. Cats hide in boxes while practicing ambush hunting. Climbing in and out of boxes is good exercise.

Mylar Balls

523Mylar balls make crinkling noises when cats play with them. If you don’t want to purchase mylar balls, aluminum foil works just as well.

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