10 Handy Tips When Eating at Pet-Friendly Restaurants!

Dining out with your dog can be a fun experience for everyone when it goes right, but it can be a nightmare when it goes wrong. Follow these simple tips to make sure you and your pup have a fun and relaxing night out.

Plan Ahead

add_text327Always call ahead to make sure a restaurant is dog-friendly and inquire about its policies before you venture out. For more popular spots, reservations are a good idea, so you and your pup aren’t stuck waiting outside for a table to become available.

Think About Whether Your Dog Is Really Ready

Only bring dogs that are comfortable with strangers, children and other dogs. Don’t use restaurants as a training or socialization location, because you may be too distracted by your meal to focus on your dog.

Tired Dogs Are Good Dogs

Take your dog on a long walk, play a game of fetch or visit the dog park before you visit a restaurant. A tired dog is more likely to rest peacefully by your table.

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Have a Bathroom Break Beforehand

Try to make sure your dog poops before entering the restaurant. If your dog becomes restless during your meal, walk him outside for a few minutes so he doesn’t have an accident on the patio.

Start Small

If you’ve never taken your dog to a restaurant before, a large meal on a busy patio may be too much. Start at a coffee shop or other casual restaurant as a test run, then work your way up to more crowded places and longer meals.

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