9 Ways to Give a Lost Dog the Best Chance of Reuniting With His Family!

If you’ve ever had a dog go missing, you know the panic you can feel. That’s likely to make you even more sympathetic if you come up on a lost dog that obviously needs some help getting back home. Take a look at these tips for reuniting a lost dog with its family, as well as these hints for preventing the loss of your own dog in the first place.

1. Assume the Dog Is Just Lost

Most dogs wandering around on their own are just that: lost. Don’t treat the dog as a stray, but assume it has an owner who’s missing it.

2. See If the Dog Will Let You Approach It

A lost dog is often desperate for human help, and many let strangers approach them. Use caution, though, and call the authorities if a dog seems hostile.

3. Check for Dog Tags

If the dog lets you get close enough, check for a collar with tags to help identify it. Some dogs also have identifying tattoos inside their ears.

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