11 Tips for Successful Cat and Human Adventuring!

Harnesses or Other Restraints

Fit your cat for a harness, and train him until he gets used to it. If your kitty simply can’t stand the harness, you can buy a special cat carrier, stroller or even a backpack that works for cats.


Always leash your cat so you can control his movements. It may take a bit, but you can train your feline to walk on a leash similar to a dog.

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Make sure your cat has some kind of ID in case he gets loose. The collar should just be for holding the ID tag and not for the leash. The safety harness connects to the leash. The best way to safeguard your cat if he goes missing is with a subdermal microchip in case the ID tag and collar come off completely.

Pack Essentials

Pack essential items for the safety and comfort of your kitty. If you plan to go for a long hike, bring a first aid kit, water and snacks for you and your cat.

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