11 Tips for Successful Cat and Human Adventuring!

Even indoor cats might like to get out and explore every once in a while. If you want to go on an adventure with your kitty, here are some tips to make the journey more successful before, during and after your excursion.

Know Your Cat

Consider whether your cat will enjoy the outdoors after spending so much time inside. Some cats simply don’t want to go outside, don’t like their movements restricted with leashes, harnesses or carriers, and they would rather stay indoors.

Always Watch

The point of taking your cat along is to have some human-feline bonding time. Always watch your cat, no matter what, because Fluffy can dart after a butterfly, bird or another cat at any time.

Vet Check-Up

Check with vet for pertinent info about vaccinations, physical fitness, or treatments for fleas, ticks and heartworms. You don’t want to come home with some new problems on your hands.

Help Rescue Animals

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