10 Things We Should Avoid For the Happiness of Our Dogs

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but many times there are language barriers between the species. Dogs do things that humans don’t expect, and then we turn right around and do things that annoy our furry companions. See if any of these things sound familiar as you interact with your own dogs.

10. Staring


Dogs interpret staring as a challenge. Before you stare down your dog, make sure you’re the alpha of the pack. Try to keep your glances to your dog to just a few seconds, otherwise Fido and Fifi may stress about it.

9. Hugging

Canines may view hugging as exerting your dominance. Pay attention to your dog’s body language when you hug it out.

8. Yelling

Dogs already have sensitive ears, so yelling is not the way to go. Dogs respond to nonverbal commands or body language better than words anyway, so it’s important to train your dog to respond to gestures or postures rather than words.
*Coming up – No Teasing!*

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