Finicky Felines: 9 Things People Do That Cats Hate

3. Overlook Signs Of A Problem

Cats are notoriously good at hiding illness and injury, so don’t worry about overreacting if you suddenly notice that your cat is hiding more, resisting affection, or developing appetite changes. Because cats like to keep their humans guessing, a sudden increase in affection can also be a sign that your cat isn’t feeling well. If you have any worries, call your vet and ask. A routine yearly wellness check is also a good idea.

2. Create Loud Noises

Those big, beautiful ears aren’t just for show. Cats have very sensitive hearing and find loud noises to be disturbing and unsettling. This applies to shouts or scolds directed at them, but it also includes slamming doors, noisy children, loud music, and arguments between people. For the unavoidable ones, such as a crying baby, be sure that the cat has somewhere quiet to hide.

1. Convey Negative Energy

The idea that cats can’t be trained is pure myth, but it does take a gentle hand. Scolding or scaring your cat can hurt your relationship, so try using positive reinforcement for good behavior instead. Gentle redirection or finding ways to make an area less appealing, such as placing double-sided tape on a couch corner where a cat may be scratching, can also help cats learn the rules.

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Creating a cat-friendly environment not only helps keep your household relaxed and harmonious, but it can prevent more long-term health and behavioral problems with your furry friend down the road. That will help keep everyone, humans and pets, happy under one roof.

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