Finicky Felines: 9 Things People Do That Cats Hate

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6. Lack Proper Litter Box Conditions

Litter box problems are one of the biggest issues people have with their cats, and often, it’s due to not providing a suitable spot for them to use. Most cats like their privacy, so try to find an out-of-the-way place. Make sure you have enough boxes, too, especially if you have multiple cats. You should have one for each cat, plus at least one extra. And be sure to scoop boxes daily, as cats have much keener noses than humans do, and they don’t like using a smelly box.

5. Play Dress-Up

When you scroll through all those cute social media posts featuring cats in various costumes, it can be tempting to try it out with your kitty. But it’s a rare cat that enjoys dressing up. Most feel restrained, uncomfortable, and possibly frightened by the clothing. Besides, costumes just get in the way of your cat’s natural beauty. Leave the dress-up to the humans in the house.

4. Eliminate The Claw

Scratching is natural and healthy, but it can be frustrating for owners. Some resort to declawing their cats, but this is an extreme procedure that involves amputating the cat’s paw at the first joint. It can lead to arthritis, litter box problems, biting, and more. If you’re having a clawing problem, try providing plenty of appropriate outlets. You can rub scratching posts with catnip, and apply claw caps to prevent damage. Your cat will probably hate the claw caps during the application process, but it’s quick and easy. Eventually, he won’t even notice he’s wearing them.

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