Finicky Felines: 9 Things People Do That Cats Hate

One of the reasons why people love cats so much is their aloof demeanor and strong personalities. Cats know what they like, and they often aren’t shy about letting you know it. However, many owners still make the occasional mistake, and sometimes, it can lead to a bigger problem. Here are nine common issues that cats have with their humans, and tips on how you can fix them.

9. Invade Personal Space Bubble

Although cats can be pretty social, even the friendliest felines need to take a break sometimes. Cats tend to prefer this by holing up in a safe space, and it’s important to respect that. Don’t disturb your cat if she’s curled up in a small area or seems uninterested in socializing. If guests or young children are around, make sure they stay out of your cat’s personal space bubble as well.

Photo: Flickr/draxil

8. Don’t Show Love

At the same time, cats do need plenty of affection and interaction. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking of them as low-maintenance pets and ignoring them when things get busy, but make sure to carve out a bit of time for playing and cuddling every day. Not only will it keep your cat happy, but it will strengthen your bond.

Photo: Flickr/Jon Ross

7. No Help With Grooming

Cats take care of most of their own grooming needs, but they can’t handle everything. Long-haired cats need tangles brushed out to prevent mats from forming, and all cats need regular dental cleanings. Older or overweight cats can also struggle to groom themselves effectively due to arthritis or other mobility issues, so keep an eye out for those changing needs.

Photo: Flickr/Mark Richards

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