Tea, Cakes and Cats: Manchester, England’s Newest Dive – A Cat Cafe!

In Manchester, United Kingdom, in 2016, high tea has gone to the cats. A new cafe serves meals and high tea while the residents of the property prowl, play and enjoy strokes from the guests. Yes, it’s a new cat cafe. When the cafe wanted to train cooks and servers before the opening, they put out an open call for voluntary guests. Prospective visitors were asked to comment on the cafe’s Facebook page for a chance to visit the cafe before its official opening. The cafe received a flood of people asking to get in the doors before they officially opened. More than 3,100 people applied for the 30 available spots.

However, now anyone can visit the cats and the cafe. The owners offer a variety of cat breeds with varying personalities. There are cats that just want to get petted while others are looking for someone to play with. To help diners understand the different personalities of the cats, each of the felines enjoys its own Twitter account.

The goal is to create a stress-free environment where the cats provide a therapeutic effect for diners who cuddle and interact with the animals. The cafe offers a range of special events from yoga and mindfulness classes to special first date events and kid’s days.

It’s recommended that guests make advance reservations to see and dine with the felines. The bill reflects time spent with the cats in five minute increments. The owners, Ellie and Sophie Close, used crowdfunding to raise money for cafe and build a buzz. Find out about Seattle’s own cat cafe that’s “staffed” by adoptable rescue cats.

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