Take Your Dog to Work Day Shows the Special Bond Between Pets and Owners!

Take Your Dog to Work Day, founded by Pet Sitters International, promotes pet adoption and highlights the special bond between people and their furry best friends. In 1999, the first year of the Friday after Father’s Day event, more than 300 businesses took part. The most recent June celebration, in 2016, covered the entire work week after Father’s Day and was changed to Take Your Pet to Work Week.

According to PetMD, bringing pets to work has several benefits. Having your dog curled up at your feet or your kitty cat purring away on your desk reduces stress levels — and stress-free employees are more productive, happier at their jobs and not as likely to leave. Employees may even get along better with one another, putting aside personality clashes that interfere with productivity. Harmony in the work place also helps reduce stress.


By emphasizing these benefits, you may just convince your boss to open up to the idea of pets at the office. Suggest a trial run to see how everyone gets along. Your firm may end up joining several high-profile companies that welcome pets, which include Google, GoDaddy, Mashable and Ben & Jerry’s.

Employees who don’t have pets may want to adopt once they see the love and affection shared between people and their animals. Even if that’s not possible, just being around animals, especially the more affectionate ones, has a calming effect.

Your pet also benefits from going to the office — no more having your furry friends staying home alone. You don’t have to worry about getting home in time to let them out for a little physical relief, and you’ll also save time and money by not having to drop off and pick up your pet from day care. The practice of taking pets to work is catching on in the United States and abroad. Visit The Animal Rescue Site to learn about companies that put out their welcome mats for cats.

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