Silver Paws: 8 Ways You Can Best Support Your Senior Pet

Senior pets are a wonderful part of the family, but they also have special needs that require a little extra care and attention. Maybe you’ve adopted a senior pet in need of a home, or you’re supporting a beloved animal you’ve had since she was a puppy or kitten. Whatever the situation, there are a few small but important things you can do to help older animals stay comfortable and happy. Here are some easy ways you can best support your senior pet.

8. Help Them Stay Active

It’s normal for a senior pet to become less energetic and slow down a bit, but don’t fall into the trap of letting them sleep all day. Physical activity helps prevent muscle atrophy and balance issues that often come with age. It even reduces arthritis pain and improves joint health. Keep taking your older dog for routine walks, and encourage your older cat to stay active by offering regular play sessions. Providing nesting spots that encourage some activity, such as cat trees or window boxes with a nice view of a bird feeder, can also help older cats stay fit.

Photo: Pixabay

7. But Don’t Overdo It

Regular exercise is critically important, but you do have to remember that your pet isn’t as strong as they once were. Instead of going on a long hike, try taking your dog for a few short walks each day. For cats, even a minute or two of playtime is plenty if you do it frequently. If your pet seems tired or in more pain than usual, it’s OK to take a day off. Strive for consistency, not intensity.

Photo: Pixabay

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