Stretching Out: These Long And Lanky Dogs Are Feeling Too Good!

There are dog photos and dog videos for pretty much every activity a dog does. There are webcams that keep a vigilant eye on a puppies awaiting adoption, and you can actually interact with these adorable pets-in-waiting. Don’t forget all of those Instagram dogs with fancy costumes, unique looks and those puppy-dog eyes that melt your heart. These photos simply show dogs that stretch, but with a cute dog twist. See what you think, and see if you can perform some of these stretches!

Morning Dog

This dog loves his morning routine as he wakes up. Just look at that smile that says, “Play with me!”

Paws in the Air

Tina knows how to take a stretch break. How about a belly rub while you’re at it?

A Stretch Starts Everything

Milo Doggus is getting ready for his early morning chase-the-squirrels routine. A stretch gets everything started.

Frog Legs?

Marvin looks like he has frog legs with this stretch. Do you think he’s a jumper?

Full-Bodied Stretching

This pooch knows how to work out the kinks in her back. That’s a full-body stretch from nose to tail!

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