Caturday Morning Stretch: These Felines Are Long And Loose!

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Cuddling up can be fun, but sometimes there’s no better feeling than having a nice, luxurious stretch. These fabulous felines make stretching look as good as it feels.

This Seat Is Mine

I take lonngggg nap now

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Who says a little cat doesn’t need a whole couch cushion? This adorable fluffball has laid claim to this seat.

Going for the Gold

Some cats turn stretching into a competitive sport. This lanky feline might have created a new record.

Keeping It Classy

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#tigerud83dudc2f #takiduzyjestem #longcat #kociu015b #pyszczekpuchatymam ud83dudc9cud83dudc31

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Some cats prefer a more understated approach. This elegant cat knows that you don’t need to stand out to make an impression.

A Little Help From My Friends

#longcat #cat

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No cat is an island. This fluffy beauty loves to team up with his humans to maximize his stretching abilities.

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