Police Station Adopts a Stray Dog

Officers at the Bayamon Police Department in Puerto Rico have an unusual co-worker: a stray dog. Once an abandoned and abused animal, Gorgi the dog has become a valuable and much-loved part of the police force.

Stray dogs are a common sight in Puerto Rico. Many avoid contact with humans, but Gorgi was a different story. He wandered into the Bayamon station one day, and surprised officers with his friendly demeanor and love of affection. The staff on duty fed the dog and gave him water, but never expected to see him again.
The next day, however, Gorgi was back for more. Police officers reported that Gorgi was frightened and displayed signs of abuse. He also appeared to be malnourished — a common condition for stray dogs in Puerto Rico.

Eager for the kindness and protection the staff offered, Gorgi became a regular fixture at the station. The officers adopted him, paid for a veterinary checkup and gave him a home. As Gorgi became a well-loved part of the Bayamon station family, officers decided to take the relationship a step further. They made Gorgi the official surveillance dog, and got him a vest and badge to seal the deal.
Now that he’s safe and off the streets, Gorgi is happy and healthy. He provides unwavering affection for the officers — a welcome service for the men and women who often find themselves in dangerous and stressful situations. Staff members report that the dog helps to reduce tension and stress.

Photos from the station show that Gorgi is well-cared-for. He enjoys rides with officers, keeps workers company at their desks and rests in his own comfortable bed.Gorgi is a prime example of the way that animal rescue can bring happiness to multiple lives. For more heartwarming stories of adoption, read about how this adorable abandoned pup found a forever home, too

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