Tips On How To Properly Store Pet Food Every Pet Guardian Should Know

Buying pet food in bulk saves you some change, but if you don’t store it properly, all that kibble may wind up as food for moths. Proper storage prevents mold and bacterial growth, as well as ensuring that your cat or dog gets the freshest food with the maximum amount of nutrients. Whether you dish up dry kibble or canned wet food, follow these tips to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Check Expiration Dates

Most pet foods have a long shelf life, but the expiration date only applies to unopened bags. Check the date before you buy, especially if you plan to stock up. Dry pet foods typically have a shelf life of around a year, assuming they are kept unopened in a cool, dry place. Cans last longer, around two years on average.

Photo: Flickr / Howard Young
Photo: Flickr / Howard Young

Seal Small Bags

Opened bags of dry food should be sealed between uses to keep them airtight. Exposure to air, humidity, and moisture speeds up the spoiling process and can make fresh food go stale. Small bags don’t necessarily require a separate storage container, but you should fold down the top and secure it with a wide clip.

Photo: Flickr/glsoan
Photo: Flickr/glsoan

Protect Big Bags

Large bags of dry food are susceptible to unwelcome critters such as mice and pantry moths. Place them in a storage container with a sealed lid to prevent infestations. However, wait before you throw out that bag. Pet food packaging is specially designed to keep the contents fresh and minimize exposure to air and sunlight. Plus, the packaging contains the expiration date and batch code, which you want in case of a recall. Instead, fold up the bag and place it within the sealed container for optimal storage.

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Photo: Flickr/Lisa Yarost
Photo: Flickr/Lisa Yarost

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