Special Needs Dog Inspires Special Needs Humans!

Zosia’s traumatic experience could scar any dog for life. The beautiful female pit bull was found next to train tracks with one rear leg severed and the other barely attached. After she went through surgery and recovered at an animal shelter, two organizations that heard about her story decided to help her. Jennifer Deane heard about Zosia shortly after the pit bull was taken to the animal shelter, and she visited her right away. Deane is the founder of Pit Sisters, a volunteer organization that focuses on helping homeless animals. The first thing Deane noticed when she met Zosia was the dog’s zest for life. Zosia even managed to move herself towards Deane so she could lick her.

According to The Dodo, Deane took Zosia from the shelter and started searching for a new home for her while raising donations to buy her a doggy wheelchair. Not only did she receive enough donations for the wheelchair, but she also found a new home for Zosia with a woman named Erica Koflin.


As it turned out, Koflin had the perfect job for Zosia. Koflin is a volunteer at I Am Adaptive, an organization dedicated to helping athletes with special needs. For athletes going through a difficult transition, Zosia was just the breath of fresh air they needed. Koflin started taking the dog with her when she volunteered and telling people Zosia’s story, including how it had only been a month since the incident. People were shocked and inspired by how this cheery pit bull already had so much positive energy to share.

Erica Koflin and Zosia have become quite the team, and finding each other has helped both of their lives, along with the lives of countless other athletes in need of inspiration. They say likes attract likes, so here’s another perfect pair.

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