Volunteer Made Sock Sweaters To Help A Wounded Rescue Kitty, And They’re Too Cute

One kind rescue volunteer came up with a clever way to help an injured kitty in need.

Shelby, a volunteer with the Sherwood, Oregon Cat Adoption Team, noticed something was wrong with young foster kitten, Selene. The beautiful kitty and her mother, Muse, were surrendered to a county shelter when Selene was only a few days old. The two cats were later taken in by the rescue group to foster.

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Although kittens Selene’s age were typically twice her size, Shelby saw that Selene’s growth was stunted. Muse was frightened and dealing with stress, and she didn’t show interest in feeding the kitten. Muse later stopped producing milk.

“Selene was crying for her mom so I made some kitten milk replacer and offered it to her,” Shelby told Love Meow. “She downed it. She was so hungry that she didn’t seem to care where the food was coming from or that it tasted different.”

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Meanwhile, Selene was showing an umbilical cord wound after Muse had given her a bath. Wanting to keep the kitten with her mother while also protecting Selene’s wound from being licked, Shelby began making tiny sweaters out of soft fuzzy socks to help Selene.

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Shelby created the sweaters by cutting out the sock’s toe area, as well as four little holes for Selene’s legs. The makeshift apparel not only produced the desired result, but also turned out to be incredibly adorable.

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With time, Selene began to heal in her comfy new clothes — and she looked ridiculously cute while doing so.

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Shelby soon realized that Selene, who fell asleep purring contentedly in her hands during each feeding, needed more comfort and snuggling due to the increasing disinterest of her parent. Muse was put up for adoption, and Shelby took on the role of foster mom for Selene. She even created a custom sling pouch to carry Selene around in, keeping her safe and secure like a koala bear.

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Ultimately, Selene grew strong and healthy enough to be joined by her litter mates, with whom she has learned to play and interact like a normal kitty cat. Demonstrating an exuberant love for toys and pouncing as well as a zeal for life in general, this sweet little pint-sized fur baby has stolen the hearts of rescue staff and internet viewers alike.

Check out how Selene is doing in the video below. She is too adorable!

Keep up with Shelby and her foster kitties on Instagram.

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