8 Slimming Tips to Increase a Dog’s Quality of Life!

4. Eliminate Unhealthy Treats and Food


Reduce or eliminate unhealthy treats and food. Some diet or low-calorie pet foods have fillers containing grains, which may not be the healthiest choice for your dog.

3. Exercise Your Dog

Exercise your pooch more often. Start with short walks and gradually work up to longer excursions. Play fetch, tug of war or other games with your dog for 20 minutes each day to get extra physical activity beyond walk times.

2. Weigh Weekly

Weigh in once a week, chart progress and make needed adjustments.

1. Consult With Your Vet Regularly

If Fido still isn’t losing weight, consult with his vet, as there may be underlying diseases preventing weight loss. Make sure you’re not feeding him unhealthy treats or human food, and don’t cheat on his diet.

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