8 Slimming Tips to Increase a Dog’s Quality of Life!

If you think your dog is overweight, there are some things you can do to help your dog get a little slimmer. Dogs with healthy weights tend to live 2 years longer, and they might delay getting age-related ailments such as arthritis by 3 years, due to a quality diet and more exercise. See how you can help your dog maintain his healthy weight throughout his life with these tips.

8. Evaluate


Evaluate how your dog looks by noticing features such as a clear difference between the chest and abdomen. Check his ribs by gently pushing in on the sides, because you should be able to easily count individual ribs without seeing the ribs. Weigh your dog by holding him as you stand on a scale, then weigh yourself, and take the difference.

7. Ask Your Vet

Visit your vet to determine the next step. A vet can recommend a diet plan for your pooch, or your vet could hold off the diet for a few reasons. There might also be an underlying cause to the weight gain that has nothing to do with diet and exercise.

6. Follow the Plan

Follow the diet plan, including measuring portions, so you know exactly how many calories your dog consumes.

5. Keep Records

Chart daily caloric intake and the amount of exercise your dogs gets. Make sure to time how long you go for walks, measure the right portions of food and record the amount of calories per meal every day.

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