8 Ways to Know You’re a Single Dog Owner!

Dog ownership can feel like a full-time job at times, particularly if you’re single and doing it all yourself. Here are some things you might have experienced if your dog is your only roommate.

You Take Selfies With Your Dog

And not just a few, either. Your dog is your baby, so your phone is full of photos of your dog, or you and your dog. (You’re not ashamed.)

You Do Everything With Your Dog

Your weekends and evenings are dog time, and you make the most of it. If your dog is small enough, you probably tote him around in a sling or basket so he can really go everywhere with you.

You Have a Bedtime Routine

Not only does your dog sleep on the bed with you, but she knows which side of the bed is hers. She probably hogs the covers, though.

Forget About Dating

Who has time for dating when you’ve got a dog to play with? Unless your prospective partner has a dog, of course, because then you can hang out at the dog park together.

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