After Young Boy’s Dog Is Stolen, Simon Cowell Offers Incredible Reward To Reunite Them

There’s never a good time for a boy to lose his dog, but just days before Christmas has to be the worst. At a time when other kids’ eyes gleam with visions of sugar plums, 3-year-old Edward Latter’s crestfallen expression mirrors his heartbreak over losing his best friend, Morse, a nine-month-old border terrier.

Yet, it is exactly at this time of year when strangers extend unexpected compassion when others need it most. Such is the case for young Edward, who found himself an unlikely ally in the search for his dog.

A few days before Christmas, Morse managed to get out of his family’s garden in the village of Marden in England. The friendly little pup didn’t know to avoid strangers, and was later seen being abducted into a blue or gray pickup truck.

Photo: Twitter/Richard Latter

Edward’s father, Richard, took to social media to begin the search for his son’s missing pup. He also printed a poster and snapped a photo of the sad-faced little tyke, pleading for the return of his buddy.

Photo: Twitter/Richard Latter

Meanwhile, Edward, with the help of his dad, penned a wishlist to Father Christmas, writing to the big man that he only wanted one thing for Christmas this year: his dog back.

Edward’s story went viral, and it caught the attention of Simon Cowell, who is also a father and animal lover himself. The famed TV personality offered a reward of £10,000, or $13,360, for the dog’s safe return.

Photo: Flickr/Allie Martin

The Grinches who took the pup have likely heard about Cowell’s heartwarming gesture — which is not lost on the local authorities. Police have warned that the brazen Grinches face arrest if they try to exchange Morse for the money.

Cowell’s heartwarming gesture certainly demonstrates true compassion. Check out the video below to learn more about little Edward and his search for his best friend, Morse. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Richard Latter via his Facebook group or on Twitter.

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