8 Things You Can Do To Show Your Dog How Much You Care

4. Get Your Dog A New Toy

Dogs love toys, big or small. You can try getting your dog something that the two of you can play with together, like a frisbee, or a piece of rope for a nice game of tug-of-war. Or, the classic ball never seems to fail.

3. Give Your Pup A Tasty Treat

Get a box of your dog’s favorite snacks and treat them when they’re especially well-behaved. This helps encourage your dog’s good behavior while also making your pup super happy.

Photo: Pixabay

2. Play Games

Just like regular cuddle time helps you bond with your pet, so can playing games. Take time each day to just play with them. This could entail going outside to throw the ball, or simply chasing each other around. Attention equates to happiness as far as dogs are concerned.

Photo: Pixabay

1. Keep Your Dog Healthy

Although your dog might not think of going to the vet as a symbol of your love and affection, you know differently. A healthy dog is a happy dog, so keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date, schedule wellness checks, and consider getting pet health insurance. That way, whenever an emergency situation comes up, you’ll be prepared to get your furry friend the care that they need.

Photo: Pixabay

Dogs need to know that they’re important to you because you’re important to them. Spend some time everyday with them and leave out the other distractions. Throw the ball without watching the TV in the background, or cuddle while making them the center of attention. While you may not speak the same language, they’ll know that you care.

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