8 Ways Cat Owners Can Show Their Kitties How Much They Love Them

Cat owners know that kitties form strong social bonds with their caretakers and return the love that’s shown to them, even if it’s sometimes hard to spot. You can earn your cat’s trust and build a closer relationship by showing them affection in the language that they understand best, from playing together to learning the subtle ways your cat says, “I love you.” Here are some of the ways you can let your kitty know how much you care about them.

8. Play Together

Playtime is double fun for your cat when you get involved. The flick of a feather wand or a darting laser pointer provides the unanticipated action that cats crave and a more realistic approximation of hunting. Alternate the toys you use so they don’t get bored of stalking the same old stuff.

Photo: Flickr/yoppy

7. Share Down Time

Sometimes your cat just wants your company. Show your kitty you want them around by placing a cat bed or inexpensive cushion near your own favorite hangouts, such as by your desk or kitchen table.

Photo: Flickr/Adrian Scottow

6. Give Your Cat a Room With a View

Indoor cats live longer, safer lives, but they often miss out on the action of the great outdoors. Create a special window perch just for them with a cushion for lounging. Your cat will award you bonus points if you put a bird feeder within sight.

Photo: Flickr/Nikita

5. Pamper Them With Soft Grooming

Grooming can be a pleasurable experience for many cats, provided you use the right tools and a soft touch. Cats that dislike wire combs may prefer a flexible rubber brush instead. Offer treats during grooming so they associate the experience with positive rewards, and keep sessions short to avoid exhausting their patience.

Photo: Flickr/Takashi Hososhima

4. Find a New Toy

Cats are famous for playing with weird things, from Christmas garlands to a pen cap. Instead of plunking down cash for another toy, look around your home for ordinary objects that your cat can safely play with, like a paper bag, toilet paper tube, or even a piece of the raw vegetables you are chopping for yourself. They’ll appreciate the novelty factor.

Photo: Flickr/Hormiguita Viajera mir

3. Serve Them Wholesome Food

Your cat’s diet is a crucial component of its long-term health. Help your cat stay fit by offering high-quality cat food that lists meat, seafood, or meat byproducts as the first ingredients. Serving wet food can help ensure that cats get enough water, especially those that are reluctant to drink from their bowl.

Photo: Flickr/Mikael Moiner

2. Understand How Your Cat Shows Affection

Because cats show love differently than dogs, it’s easy to miss the subtle cues. Rubbing against you, twining a tail around your leg, mewing to say hello, or even butting you with their head are just a few of the ways cats say they like you. Return the gesture by taking a moment to pet your cat and build a closer bond.

Photo: Flickr/kitty.green66

1. Respect Their Boundaries

Most cats like their alone time. Learn your kitty’s body language to identify the times when they don’t want to play or be pet. Flat ears and a lowered or fast-twitching tail are signs that your cat is irritated or anxious, and that they want space. Return later to see if they’re ready to spend more time with you.

Photo: Flickr/Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

Every cat is different, so don’t force your kitty to hang out in your lap when they’d prefer to explore. Learning your cat’s personality is crucial to understanding how you can best show them affection, whether they like a raucous play session or having their chin scratched. Some cats are naturally less social, but you can help them warm up by keeping interactions short and sweet and using their favorite treats to encourage a positive response to your presence and touch.

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