9 Purrfect Gift Ideas For Short-Haired Cats

The holidays are all about giving and showing love to others, be it with your human friends, or the precious furry ones in your life. Considering all the love and affection your pets give, it’s important to include them in your circle of warmth this time of year. If you’re a cat lover and still looking for the purrfect gift for your feline friend, we have more than a few ideas that should certainly please your pet, while also helping other animals in need. Here are nine great gift that are particularly suitable for short-haired kitties.

9. Starchaser Cat Toy

Children aren’t the only ones who love to play with toys. You can give your cat something fun to play with that also keeps them active and healthy with the Starchaser Cat Toy. A toy and scratch pad in one, the Starchaser Cat Toy features a light-up LED ball for your kitty to chase around a circular track. In the center, your cat will find a scratch pad and a catnip lend to keep them busy and provide them a place to scratch those claws. Each purchase funds 35 bowls of food for animals in need.

Photo: The Animal Rescue Site

8. Savvy Tabby Mustache Cat Scratcher

Give your cat something to scratch while adding a touch of humor to your home with the Savvy Tabby Mustache Cat Scratcher. Complete with catnip, your cat will become enthralled with the honeycomb-patterned surface of this scratcher. Its rolling shape makes it a comfortable perch for your cat to rest in between scratches. Each purchase funds 35 bowls of food for animals in need.

Photo: The Animal Rescue Site

7. Purrfect Scratch Post

If your kitty prefers a more traditional scratch post, the AlphaPurr Purrfect Scratch Post may be just the thing. This durable post provides your cat with plenty of scratching fun, and features a plush fleece base that can provide your cat with a soft space to lounge. Each purchase funds 71 bowls of food for animals in need.

Photo: The Animal Rescue Site

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