Purrfect Promotions: Raising Funds And Awareness For Cat Houses

Furry friends need help year-round — not just during special seasons. One no-kill shelter for cats, Colorado Cat Care Society in Lakewood, takes fundraising to a high art with appeals that win throughout the year. This no-kill shelter's fine example of community support and overall success serves as a blueprint for other local groups to follow.The Purpose of the Appeals

Of course, the main purpose of the appeals is to keep money flowing to the shelter. Every event sponsored by Colorado Cat Care Society informs the community of how the shelter works and how it benefits cats. Public participation encourages cat adoptions because the no-kill shelter takes a small number of rescues every year due to limited space. When more people adopt cats, the more room the shelter has for rescues. Thanks to the Denver community's support, Colorado Cat Care Society raised enough money to build a veterinary clinic and new housing units for the cats.

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Special Events

Part of the massive support comes from various awareness campaigns and fundraisers that always make community involvement fun. The Santa Paws Festival occurs every December, when cat owners bring their feisty felines to have a picture with the jolly old elf. Holiday time also includes a cat ornament auction that features photos of everyone's favorite cats from the shelter. Two lucky cats become the king and queen of the auction. Volunteers gift wrap books at Denver's famous Tattered Cover Book Store for tips, and all donations go towards the shelter.

Paws on the Green was a charity golf tournament held at Meadows Golf Club on June 29, 2015. Teams received gift cards to the pro shop, and various businesses sponsored different holes throughout the course. Hole number two had two cats as sponsors. Volunteers wore green shirts to go along with the theme of the day. Everyone got to take home souvenir golf balls imprinted with the Cat Care Society logo.

Tails of the Painted Cat is the annual gala and marquee event for the shelter held every October. In 2015, for the first time in history, the formal event raised more than $100,000 for the shelter. The main reason for the huge success comes from painted cats. Local artists paint cat sculptures that people bid on during a special segment of the gala. An artist also paints a portrait of donors' cats right there on a canvas so owners can take it home that night. Cat enthusiasts get to dress up, talk about cats and then possibly take home a memorable piece of cat memorabilia in one fun-filled evening.


Donations also pour in thanks to shopping. King Soopers, a regional supermarket brand, has special gift cards that shoppers can use. More than $18,000 came into the shelter thanks to this program. Patrons can give money to the Nibbles 'n' Kibbles Food Bank, a part of the no-kill shelter that supplies cat owners with food or cat litter when they can't afford those necessary items. The idea is to prevent abuse and neglect before it starts by giving owners a boost.


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Cars for Cats

Cars for Cats has become a popular method of donating money to the shelter. Similar to other programs regarding car donations, someone can give the car to the charity and then the shelter auctions the car. All of the proceeds from the auction go to Colorado Cat Care Society. The shelter even has a tow truck to come and get each car, but this program isn't nearly as successful as regular giving.

Legacy Giving

The Nine Lives Programs form the basis of charitable giving for the shelter. People can leave money from their estate or make regular donations. The shelter even agrees to make a temporary home for a legacy donor in case a donor passes away before that person can make arrangements to take care of the cat.


Other Shelters

Other no-kill shelters throughout the United States find creative ways to raise money as well. Harbor Human Society in Holland, Michigan, has an annual blues festival with local bands and comedy acts. Hermitage No-Kill Shelter in Tucson, Arizona, offers classes such as cat care basics to the community for a $10 donation from each attendee. Jackson County Humane Society in Iowa runs an annual poker tournament for a great cause. Shelter Challenge helps groups across the United States by providing a place for online fundraisers, challenges and competitions among small fundraising teams.The possibilities for raising funds for a cat shelter are endless. The types of fundraisers are only limited by the imagination of staffers, volunteers and directors. For more ideas on supporting your local shelter, or raising funds if you are associated with a nonprofit group, click here.

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