What Are The Most Practical Donations For Animal Shelters?

Animal shelters shoulder the monumental task of rescuing and rehabilitating millions of animals every year. These organizations rely heavily on donations from the public to help provide food, warmth, and healing to animals until they can be adopted by loving families.

Animal rescue organizations are often stretched thin financially. Certain items, such as pet food and cleaning supplies, are frequently in high-demand. Donations of these practical items are always welcome.


1. Food

All animals need food to be healthy and happy, but for shelter animals, being well-fed is a vital first step toward finding their forever homes. Cat Care Society suggests donations of canned cat or kitten food and dry Purina Kitten Chow. Jars of turkey or chicken baby food are also appreciated.

The Animal Rescue Site offers the “Feed Shelter Animals” option for those wishing to make the most of their monetary donation. Donation amounts start at just $1.00, and at five cents per meal, this small amount can feed 20 animals.

2. Cleaning Supplies

A clean home is a healthy home, and animal shelters are no exception. With several animals living under the same roof, keeping their temporary home clean can be a challenge. Frequent cleaning is essential, so donations of bleach and paper towels are always welcome. Automatic dishwashing detergent and 13- and 20-gallon garbage bags are also in high-demand.


3. Cat Litter and Beds

Our feline friends have unique hygienic needs, especially in an animal shelter. In short, lots of cats use lots of litter. Donations of non-clumping clay litter are always appreciated. Hooded cat beds also provide a safe, private place to snuggle for a catnap.

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For rescue organizations that save the lives of thousands of pets each year, providing for the basic needs of dogs and cats, such as food and medical care, can be an overwhelming expense — often leaving little budget left for non-essential supplies.

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