8 Beautiful Ways That Seniors Benefit From Pet Ownership

Cats and dogs are a wonderful addition to any home. However, for seniors, adopting a pet can offer many tangible benefits that can change their quality of life.

Lower Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is a serious problem among senior citizens, according to Aging Care. Caring for and spending time with a pet can help lower a senior’s blood pressure.

Increased Social Activity


Pet owners share at least one thing in common. From dog parks and fundraisers, to visits to the vet, pet ownership can help a senior increase his social activity.

Increased Physical Activity


Taking a dog out for a walk a couple of times a day can greatly increase the amount of physical activity for a senior. Even changing a litter box or crossing the room to pick up a cat can increase activity.

Lower Stress


Pets seem to sense when their owners are stressed and sad. These animals offer comfort, and the act of petting an animal can lower stress.

Help Rescue Animals

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