Beautiful Tuxedo Cat Promoted to Senior Pest Controller at Train Station in England!

Catching mice is all in a day’s work for Felix the station cat, so imagine her “purride” at being rewarded for doing what comes naturally. Staff at Huddersfield Station in West Yorkshire, England, have promoted this beautiful black and white cat to Senior Pest Controller in recognition of her five years of dedicated service to the TransPennine Express rail service.
Felix joined the station staff as a young kitten and soon became popular with her coworkers and the commuters who pass through the station daily as she patrolled the facility keeping the platform free of mice and other unwanted creatures. When the train line installed new ticket barriers at the station, the staff also gave Felix her very own cat door to ensure she can move freely between the office areas and the platform throughout the day and night.

As part of her promotion, Felix received a bright yellow high-visibility vest that contrasts smartly with her glossy black and white fur and looks very professional. She even has her own official name tag proudly proclaiming her new role.

Much loved by staff and train travelers, Felix has a fan base that stretches around the world. She even has her own Facebook page
with followers as far apart as Hong Kong and the United States. Like most feline fur-babies, Felix is more than happy to be the center of attention as top cat. Her coworkers say she takes her promotion in stride and enjoys the extra treats that come with the additional publicity.
Felix was fortunate in finding her forever family in such an unusual environment and for being rewarded for her daily duties by her human coworkers and friends. Read about the many beautiful and affectionate cats like Felix that are ready and waiting to reach their true potential in new, loving homes.

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