Author Chronicles Senior Dogs From Coast to Coast!

Author and photographer Nancy Levine traveled across the United States to photograph aging dogs for her book ‘Senior Dogs Across America.’ Every photo includes a story about the dog featured, and the result is a tapestry of personalities and love. This book is also a platform for Levine to remind us all that there are many senior dogs in rescue centers across the country waiting for their turn at a loving home. An article in the Huffington Post describes Nancy Levine’s book as a tribute to our closest canine companions.

It all started with Nancy’s own aging dogs and the similarities she saw between how our bodies age while we retain a certain grace that allows our personalities to really shine. She went on a nationwide journey photographing dogs in the same way she photographs people, highlighting their soulfulness and how they interact in their everyday settings. The result is a collection of 86 photographs and stories of maturing dogs from cities such as Kauai, Charleston and Martha’s Vineyard.


Levine discovered that each of her subjects varied in physical ability. Some were mobile, some were not, and some were in an in-between state of mobility one moment with stiffness the next. Some things were constant in every dog, however, such as the spirit of grace, dignity, love and compassion she captured in each photograph.

Levine’s photographs show not just the dogs up close, but as parts of the environments in which they live. One photograph of 16-year-old Joon shows a beautiful, large, white dog in the middle of a large, flat field of tall grass with a farmhouse in the distance. Another shows 10-year-old Murphy standing up behind a liquor store counter, looking as though he is ready to ring up your purchase. From bedrooms to porches and fields to city block stoops, Levine perfectly captures how much life these dogs live everyday. She also makes a point of recognizing the large number of senior dogs who need loving homes to experience the same tranquility and purpose of her subjects as they near the end of their lives. Senior dogs bring so much love and life to a home. Read more about why a senior pet could be the right choice for you.

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