Unexpected Traffic Hazard: 900 Pound Elephant Seal Diva Causes Travel Delays

A stubborn female elephant seal caused quite a stir when she ambled out of Tolay Creek and onto a busy California freeway. The 900-pound seal quickly proved that she has a strong mind and a determined spirit, refusing to stay put after rescue teams turned her back.No one is quite sure why Tolay the seal decided to leave the safety of her natural habitat and risk her life trying to cross California Highway 37, but her desire to cross lanes of commuter traffic led to a roadway shutdown. Tolay was completely oblivious, and seemingly indifferent, to the danger her freeway-crossing adventure would pose to herself and drivers.


Due to a lack of natural predators, elephant seals are used to getting their way. This seal's spunk and fierce determination to arrive at her intended destination is admirable. She was spotted scooting along the side of the roadway near the concrete divider. She even stayed within the yellow line as she attempted to climb the obstacle. Tolay's valiant effort was cut short by wildlife rescue teams who steered her back into the water.

However, the stubborn elephant seal wasn't interested in staying in the water. Clearly, she had someplace to be, and these people were getting in her way. Tolay turned around and headed right back to the roadway, and seemed unwilling to take no for an answer. The stubborn seal repeatedly resisted efforts to keep her safely in the water and away from dangerous traffic. Her perseverance paid off, and ultimately, she was finally able to cross the highway.Whatever the reason for her daring journey, it's clear that Tolay exemplifies the spirit of determination in the face of great obstacles. Perhaps she'll make another attempt, or choose another road less traveled. Read this story about a spirited husky determined to use all four legs!

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