This Poor Kitty May Be The Saddest Cat In The World — And She’s Just Too Cute

Some animals have particularly expressive faces, sometimes even wearing a perpetual look of joy, bewilderment, or in this case, sadness. Luhu the cat has a loving human to take care of her, a cozy home in Beijing, and over 160,000 Instagram followers. But for some reason, this cute little kitty always seems to look so down in the dumps. Here are some adorable photos of Luhu, who is quite possibly the saddest cat in the world — but also one of the cutest.

8. “You can’t force fun on me!”

Even amid the greatest delights of feline fun, Luhu has a heartbreakingly sad expression. You’d think that she’d love using her scratch post.

7. “But I don’t want to take a shower!”

Luhu appears to be against bathing like humans do. This is a perfectly reasonable excuse to use her sad, kitty eyes on her cat mom.

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