Could These Cats BE Any Sadder?

Cats are some of the funniest animals, and they don’t even know. Since their features don’t change according to their moods, it’s easy for us humans to assign emotion to them. Sometimes, it’s the markings on their fur that makes them appear so sad. Other times, it’s their behavior that makes them look sad. To put a little smile on your face today, check out these super sad kitties.

Can’t Even Stand Up

This sad kitty had a long night. She’s so sad that she doesn’t have the energy to stand up and saunter away.

Left Behind

This little sad fur ball has been left behind by all her friends. Makes you want to pick her up and cuddle her.

What About Me?

This little kitty is so sad that she doesn’t want to walk on all fours. She stands on her back paws looking for a little love.

Where’s the Love?

This kitten just wants a little more love. With a sweet face like that, she should get all the love.

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

This kitten doesn’t want to be held. She looks so sad and just wants down.

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Ummm – You guys?!?

Although most cats don’t enjoy riding in the car, this cat has been left behind. It’s a sad day as she watches the car pull away.

A Sad Melon Head

This cat is sad obvious for reasons. Of course, when she’s done feeling sad, her owners will feel her wrath.

What Is That White Stuff?

This sad kitty wants to go outside but that cold white stuff stops her from venturing any further.

Hopefully, these sad kitties will brighten your day and bring a smile to your face. At least, your day isn’t as bad as theirs.

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