Give Your Heart To A Rescue Dog And Gain A True Friend For Life

Some of them come from the side of the road, abandoned. Some of them come from loving owners who passed away, and some of them are rescues from horrific conditions at puppy mills. Every single dog at your local shelter has a unique story to tell, and every single dog is looking for its forever home.

Save a Dog From Puppy Mills

According to the Humane Society, 10,000 puppy mills operate in the United States. Many of these are so cruel and badly run that they are eventually closed. When that happens, shelters have to suddenly take on a large influx of troubled dogs, many of whom are put to rest. Consider saving a life and adopting a former puppy mill dog.

Don’t Just Save One Dog

Many rescues use adoption fees to fund other life-saving operations for dogs. These funds are used to investigate animal cruelty cases and run low-cost neuter clinics.

No More Euthanized Pets

The Humane Society notes that over two million cats and dogs are euthanized every year. Shelters are overcrowded, and people still choose to buy dogs from irresponsible breeders. Help out a shelter, and bring home a friend for life.

Choose the Perfect Dog for You

Puppies need homes too, and there are many puppies rescued from mills or ‘oops’ litters in shelters. An estimated 25 percent of dogs in shelters are pure bred. Whether mutt or pure-bred, the right dog is waiting for you.

Don’t Forget About the Old Dogs

Senior dogs are common in shelters. Senior dogs are often overlooked, but many of them are pre-trained and have low energy levels. They’re great for first time dog owners, busy owners or older owners.

Dogs Improve Your Life


A dog in the home encourages you to exercise more, provides affection and lowers stress.

Be Part of an Inspiring Story

Dogs like Kelsey at Little Things have a depressingly common background. They’re abused and neglected, covered in mange, and possibly injured. Lucky ones, like Kelsey, find someone to care for them or bring them to an adoption facility that can provide proper care. It’s a miracle that even these dogs, who were denied love their whole lives, still easily bond to new owners.


They Know

Anyone who has adopted a shelter dog and put in the time to train and care for it has the same story. Their dog, in spite of its flaws, old injuries and troubled background, is as loyal as can be.

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