Horses Without Homes: How Rescues Give Abandoned Horses A Second Chance At Life

Horses are incredibly intelligent, social creatures. In order to be healthy and happy, a horse needs ample exercise, nutritious food, health care, dental care, and farrier visits. Tragically, horses are sometimes abandoned or do not receive adequate care from their owners.

Abandoned and Neglected Horses

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Horses need daily attention and care. It costs a minimum of $132 a month to feed an average-sized horse. Additionally, horses need regular vet checkups for shots and deworming. They need to be seen by a farrier to have their hooves trimmed and, in some cases, horses also require horseshoes. Sometimes people who own horses cannot afford to take care of them, and the horse is neglected. It is essential to report a neglected horse or any other neglected animal to a rescue organization or local police so the animal can be rescued and receive proper care.

The Horse Protection League takes in abused and neglected horses. It feeds and cares for them and gives them professional training if the horse is sound. Once the horse is healthy and has some confidence, it is adopted by a loving owner. One horse The Horse Protection League rescued is Ranger. Ranger’s body was covered with injuries ranging from small cuts and scars to infections and abscesses. Ranger has since recovered and is in good health.

Equine Surrender and Crisis Assistance

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Many horse rescue organizations, such as Colorado Horse Rescue, offer a surrender program where people who are facing a long-term crisis, such as the death of a spouse or a debilitating illness, can submit an application to surrender a horse that they can no longer care for adequately. For horse owners facing temporary financial hardship or other short-term problems, Colorado Horse Rescue has an Equine Crisis Assistance Program that can provide the financial means to keep a horse in a loving home with the care and food it needs.

Adoption and Foster

Most rescued horses have an adoption fee that ranges from $200-$1,000, depending on the horse. Young healthy horses and well-trained horses typically have a higher adoption fee. In contrast, older horses that may not be suitable to ride have lower adoption fees. This fee helps to cover the rescue organization’s cost to care for the animals it saves. The first step in adopting a horse is to fill out an application. The application is reviewed to ensure the horse will go to a home where it will be properly cared for. Most organizations will inspect the interested adopter’s property to make sure any other animals are well looked after, and the conditions are safe.

Most horse rescue facilities are at capacity. Fostering a horse can help to save another life by freeing up space for an additional animal. Much like applying to adopt, fosters need to fill out an application and have their facilities inspected. Typically, it is the responsibility of the foster to cover the cost of the horse’s needs while fostering the animal.

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Retired Racehorses

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Racehorses typically retire by the age of 7. Considering they live to be about 25 to 30 years old, these horses have many years ahead of them after their careers are over. Because they are no longer profitable, their owners often don’t want them. Some successful racehorses are sold as brood mares and studs. Up until 2007, many were sold to be slaughtered for meat. Thankfully, this practice has been outlawed in the United States. Thoroughbred Adoption Network provides a list of organizations that take in unwanted racehorses and adopt them out to loving owners who are seeking a horse to show, train to jump, train in dressage, pleasure ride, or simply have as a companion.

Horses are sometimes neglected or abused. Thankfully, there are numerous organizations that rescue these animals, help them to heal, and adopt them to loving homes. Horses are intelligent animals. They respect humans who give them direction and take care of them, and they deserve to live long happy lives.

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