10 Ways to Memorialize Pets Who Pass On

The grief that follows the loss of a pet can be difficult to overcome. But memorializing a beloved pet who has passed on — or helping friends and family deal with the loss of their pets — is an important part of the grieving process. Read on for 10 heartwarming ways to memorialize pets who’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

10. Host a Memorial Service

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Bringing friends and family together for a memorial service gives everyone an opportunity to share stories about the departed pet, and spend time around others who share their grief. A timely memorial service gives family and friends an opportunity to reflect on the many ways the pet impacted their lives.

9. Pay Love Forward


One of the best ways to honor your departed pet is to share that love with another animal in need. It may take time before you’re ready to open your heart to another animal, but if and when that day comes, you’ll find your local shelter packed with animals in need.

8. Plant a Memorial Tree


A memorial tree marks the passage of time and reminds us all to continue growing. It’s also a fitting way to remember the dog who loved to fetch sticks or lived to run in the forest and play. Pick a tree, shrub, or bush that represents your late pet’s inner nature.

7. Frame A Favorite Picture

Photo: The Animal Rescue Site Store

A picture of a special time you shared with your pet can commemorate your bond and cherished times together. Frame one and place it in a meaningful location next to your bed or on the wall beside your family portraits. The Animal Rescue Site Store carries a selection of memorial frames to honor your late pet.

6. Transform Your Companion’s Tags

Photo: The Animal Rescue Site Store

Transform your late pet’s ID tags into a key ring or jewelry to take that memory of love wherever you go. Visit theThe Animal Rescue Site Store for engravable pet tags and other jewelry, ornaments, and treasured keepsakes to keep your pet’s memory close to your heart.

5. Create an Online Memorial


Many pets have their own blogs, social media, and online presence. Creating an online memorial is another option for sharing treasured memories, especially if the beloved companion impacted those far away. A virtual guestbook can allow others to share experiences on the memorial.

4. Get a Tattoo

Photo: Instagram/DogPawTattoo

Keep the image of your beloved pet fresh with a memorial tattoo. Temporary tattoos in henna or similar substances fade over time, like grief, but permanent tattoos provide a lasting reminder of your pet’s love.

3. Donate to Your Local Shelter or Humane Society

Photo: Seattle Humane Society

Honor your pet’s memory by making a memorial donation to your local shelter or humane society. Many shelters offer memorial plaques, cards, or other symbols to honor your late pet’s donation, which will help these critical organizations continue their life-saving work.

2. Volunteer At A Shelter


When financial obligations prevent a donation of money, consider volunteering instead. No matter the level of skill or ability, there is a job for everyone. Some volunteer work may just require comforting animals who are recently separated from their owners.

1. Place a Garden Stone

Photo: The Animal Rescue Site store

A garden stone is a permanent marker that serves as a reminder of the good times shared. The stone may be a simple addition or have important dates or quotes placed on its surface. It also serves as a conversation piece to help share memories with others. These make a fitting tribute to the memory of almost any lost pet.


Photo: The Animal Rescue Site Store

One of the saddest days for any pet owner is the day their pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge, but memorializing pets who’ve passed on helps you cope with the grief. Follow the tips above for different ways to honor your pet’s life, and then visit The Animal Rescue Site Store for picture frames, jewelry, garden stones, wind chimes, and other pet memorial keepsakes specifically crafted to keep your late pet’s loving memory close by.

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