8 Ways to Minimize Rabies Risks

Rabies kills. It is as simple as that. Without being properly vaccinated or getting treatment right away from even the most harmless animal bite, rabies will manifest into an incurable, fatal disease. But there are easy, proactive ways to minimize your risk of contracting rabies.

Update You and Your Pets Rabies Vaccinations


Keep your rabies vaccination up to date. If you are haven’t gotten a rabies booster in a few years or have never been vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends getting the vaccination. This is especially true if you work closely with wild animals or are out in the wild frequently. Your family pets also need their rabies vaccinations up to date, along with all their required shots. Here are a few specific tips about knowing which vaccinations your pet might need, especially if you plan to travel.

Keep Your Distance


If you see a wild animal within your proximity, do not go near it. It is best to take a cautious approach and keep your distance from the animal, no matter how cute or unassuming it may look. Wild animals are unpredictable and may nip or bite you without warning if you get too close.

Pest Proof Your Home


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Although most people lock their doors and windows, unwanted intruders in the form of wild pest animals can still find ways to get into attics, basements and garages through cracks and holes. These animals pose a rabies risk, especially animals such as raccoons and bats. Hire a professional to treat your home for pests and then seal all openings.

Keep the Trash Covered


Keeping your trash covered outside will prevent rabies-carrying raccoons and other wildlife from coming into contact with you and your family on your property.

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