Questions That First Time Pet Owners Should Ask Their Vet During Their First Visit

Your pet’s first checkup is important not just for making sure your furry friend is healthy but also because it’s a time when you can get all your important pet care questions answered by an expert. Make sure you don’t forget anything by planning out a few questions and topics before your visit. The overall health of your pet starts with its diet and exercise; these are some of the first topics you should discuss with your vet.
According to The Honest Kitchen, a vet can assess your pet’s body conditioning and weight to create an appropriate diet plan and feeding schedule. While it’s important for your pet to get exercise, you also need to check with your vet to make sure the exercise isn’t too intense for the pet’s age and condition.

BarkPost recommends pet owners ask about when to get their pets fixed, and what type of preventative medicine their pets need. While it’s usually best to have pets spayed or neutered before they reach adulthood, your vet can explain the timing best for your pet and why. The vet can also explain why it’s important to spay or neuter your pet. Preventative medicine helps prevent your pet from getting diseases, making it a vital part of your pet’s overall health.

Before you leave, ask your vet for any special considerations when picking out your pet’s accessories, such as collars, so you don’t get one that does more harm than good. Finally, set up a checkup schedule so you know how often to bring in your pet, and find out how you can get in touch with the vet if there’s an emergency. Ask the right questions during the first pet visit so you can put your pet on the right path for a happy, healthy life. To give shelter animals a shot at a healthy life of their own, join the 2 million pet challenge.

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