Disabled Puppy Daffodil Gets an Amazing Assist From Her New Set of Wheels!

This story is about a Daffodil in the rain, but it’s not about a flower in a shower; it’s the story of a disabled puppy named Daffodil that someone left in a cardboard box on a rainy day in California. The tiny tawny-colored Chihuahua was abandoned in a soggy box on a busy San Francisco street in late 2015. Others passed her by, but Jene, a young man with a big heart, saw her need and rescued her.

He took the puppy home and fed her, but because her two front legs were missing, he knew she needed professional help. Jene took Daffodil to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, where doctors evaluated her condition. A birth defect had left the sweet, playful puppy with stumps for front legs. The doctors determined that they could equip her with a wheeled prosthetic device from OrthoPets, an animal prosthetics manufacturing company.


The SPCA staff worked with the OrthoPets staff to create the custom-fitted wheeled legs for little Daffodil. Her doctors had concluded that putting the device to work while she was still very young would allow her to grow accustomed to it. They were right. The energetic puppy learned quickly and was soon able to do spins and turns.

One day, one of the OrthoPets staff members working on the project inquired whether Daffodil had been adopted. When she found out the puppy needed a permanent home, she applied for the opportunity. Daffodil now has a forever home with Olivia, the staff member, who gives her puppy plenty of loving care.

For her part, Daffodil, who has her own Facebook page, is a darling of the internet.One man’s act of kindness and the skill and dedication of two teams of animal lovers gave Daffodil a chance to bloom in life. This determined young pup’s success has brought encouragement and joy to many people around the world. Check out this story about Pip, another young Chihuahua runt of the litter who has overcome challenges from disability.

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