Piano-Playing Cat Has Pretty Much The Best Instagram Account Ever

Sarper Duman, a pianist from Turkey, and his Pianist Cat — yes, that’s the feline’s actual name — make beautiful music together. People are as impressed, if not more so, by Pianist Cat’s love of music and fledgling attempts to join the rhythm as they are by Duman’s piano abilities. Together, the two make a perfect duo.

8. Love of Music

Sarper Duman is from Istanbul. Music is one great love in his life.

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7. Love of Cats

His other great love is cats. Other than tickling the ivories, Duman likes to rescue felines. He has nine.

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6. Impromptu Concerts

The kitties like to hang around Duman as he practices the piano. A little candlelight adds the perfect concert atmosphere.

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5. The Pianist Kitty

Probably the biggest music lover of the group is Pianist Cat. He likes to join Duman as he plays, sometimes sitting on top of the keys.

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