Photographer Captures Amazing Adventures With Rescue Dog And Shares Them With The World

All rescue dogs have dreams of finding forever homes and a better life. Some may even yearn for the fun and excitement of traveling the world and seeking adventure. For rescue dog Maddie, being adopted by photographer Theron Humphrey led to all the excitement a pup could want. Humphrey made Maddie an internet star after showcasing through his blog her uncanny ability to balance on things. His next project featured him, his adorable pet, and their other human friends traveling cross-country and documenting their journey. Take a look at some of their photos from the road — you’ll see why Maddie has garnered so many followers on social media!

8. Just a Few More Minutes

Maddie shows off her ability to not only balance almost anywhere, but to also fall asleep almost anywhere. She’s found quite the comfy spot, which likely comes with amazingly serene views.

7. A Meditative Moment

Each day, Humphrey and Maddie take 10 minutes to meditate before tackling the day ahead. Here, the duo has found this fluttering field with the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains as a backdrop. What a way to enjoy a few minutes of meditation!

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