Dogs As Doctors? How Your Pet Could Be A Mirror Of Your Own Health

Are you in need of a “cat” scan or “lab” tests? Pets provide more than just cuddly companionship. Scientific research and anecdotal evidence prove animals can alert humans to new medical diagnoses, provide support for existing illnesses, and even share symptoms and conditions with their owners.

Your pet’s skills and instincts just might save your life. Read more to find out how your pet may be a mirror of your own health.

Recognizing Signs of a Gas Leak


Dogs suffer the same side effects humans do when exposed to gas leaks. If a dog is acting lethargic, tired and confused, and the owner is exhausted and suffering migraines, it may be a sign of an odorless carbon monoxide leak, according to Prevention.

Sharing Infectious Diseases


Approximately 60 percent of infectious diseases can be passed between a pet and its owner, including ringworm, e coli and salmonella. Ringworm presents as a crusty rash on both humans and pets. E coli and salmonella cause both humans and their pets to experience diarrhea and vomiting.

Sniffing Out Cancer


Cats and dogs have the ability to detect cancer in humans through scent. Skin cancers are easier to detect as they are on the surface of the skin. Certain cats, however, can detect complex cancer buried deep inside a human, according to Pussington Post, and find a way to communicate it. This includes repeatedly pawing at or sitting on the cancerous area of the body.

Caring for Emotional Health


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Call it a sixth sense. Pets know when their owners are sad, depressed or anxious. Dogs lose interest in their toys, stop eating and cuddle with and try to soothe the feelings of their owners, according to Dog Notebook. This provides stability and emotional support for their owners.

Battling Household Obesity


Veterinarians notice a correlation between overweight dogs and obese owners, according to Prevention. Man’s best friend needs an active, healthy lifestyle like humans do. As humans swap out unhealthy snacks for nutritious options and increase their level of activity, they should practice the same positive changes with their pets to increase the health of the entire household.

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