These 8 Pets Go Above and Beyond Serving Their Diabetic Humans

6. Daisy

“Daisy tells me when I’m low.” — Nicole Dickison

5. Shepherd-Boxer Savior

“My rescue Rotti began warning me my sugars were dropping, and wouldn’t leave my side until all was well. She’s passed away, and I again, rescued a dog. Shepherd-boxer mix this time. She was home a few days and immediately started bumping me. It took me a moment to realize what she was trying to tell me. She was spot on. Love my fur baby.” — Lee Friend Ayala-de Leon

4. Ruby

“This is Ruby. She is a year old and she has helped Abby wake me up when I have low blood sugar. I don’t know if Ruby has fully learned what she is doing or how to do it yet [because] she is just a year old. Ruby is a Pomchi and goes for walks with me and Abby. Ruby is doing a good job too and I am lucky to have them.” — Chesalea Jenson

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