8 Useful Tips for Hitting the Road With a Pet

Long road trips can be a lot of fun for you and your pet, but they take some planning to make sure everyone stays safe and happy. Be sure to consider these things before you hit the highway.

Keep Them Secure


It may seem more comfortable to let your pet roam freely, but restraints are much safer for both cats and dogs. Choose an appropriately sized crate, carrier or seatbelt harness to protect you and your pet in case of an accident.

Be Mindful of Escape Routes


Always double-check to make sure your pet is restrained before you open any doors or windows that might tempt a scared or excited critter to jump out. If you have to leave the car for a few minutes, make sure to provide ventilation in a way that doesn’t allow your pet to escape.

Visit the Vet Before You Go


It’s a good idea to make sure your pet is healthy and up-to-date on all vaccinations before you take a long trip, so stop in with your vet before you leave. This is also a good time to discuss car sickness remedies and anti-anxiety techniques if your pet is a nervous traveler.

Always Carry Water


Water and a travel bowl are essentials on the road, since not all rest stops have safe water available. Offer water every time you stop to prevent dehydration.

Make Identification Easy


Hopefully you won’t get separated from your pets, but make sure all animals are wearing their ID tags with up-to-date information just to be safe. Carry some pictures that clearly show your pet to prove ownership or show people in the area.

Bring Your Pet’s Favorite Things


Bringing a favorite bed or blanket can help relieve anxiety and keep your pet calmer. Dogs may enjoy a favorite chew toy to keep them busy on the road.

Know Your Leash Laws


Always bring a leash for dog and know the rules in the areas you plan to visit. Keep in mind that some wilderness areas may have special restrictions in place.

Play Calming Music


Your favorite tunes can help your trip go by faster, but the right music can also soothe a nervous pet. Play soft music to drown out scary road noises, but be sure not to blast it too loud for your pet’s sensitive hearing.

Now Head Out and Have Fun


A road trip can be a great bonding experience for you and your pet, and it’s safer than flying your pet in an airplane. Here’s a cute little guy who looks like he’s ready for the next rest stop!

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