Be The BEST Pet Owner With These 9 Animal-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

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3. Learn A New Trick

Keep your pet mentally sharp by learning new tricks. This is particularly important for aging pets, as it can help prevent cognitive degeneration. Start by practicing old favorite tricks. Then, find new ones you can do: for dogs, try high fives, barking on command, playing dead, spinning in a circle, or hugging. If you have a cat, training can be harder, but you can still teach them to run through an obstacle course, jump for a treat, or jump through a hula hoop. Even if your pet doesn’t master the trick, they can still reap the mental benefits of practicing a new skill (and maybe get a reward for progress). As a bonus, these tricks are fun ways for your pet to show off at family gatherings.

2. Try Obedience Classes

No matter what your pet’s temperament, obedience classes can be a great option — for both of you. You can learn effective ways to manage your furry friend’s behavior, and your pet can learn how to follow instructions. The structured environment helps take away the stress of training, and the challenge is fun for animals and people. Plus, since many classes involve other animals and owners, it’s a great way to improve your pet’s socialization skills.

1. Update ID Tags

Think carefully: when was the last time you updated your pet’s ID tag information? If you’ve moved or changed phone numbers since then, it’s time to get on track. Order a new collar tag with your current contact information, or update your pet’s microchip information. Consider registering the microchip in multiple databases, including the Free Pet Microchip Registry, to make it easier to find your furry friend in an emergency.

These New Year’s resolutions can help you get the year off to a great start for both you and your pet. You can start simple and pick one resolution to begin with, and add more as the year progresses to ensure that you and your animal friend have the best year ever.

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