Be The BEST Pet Owner With These 9 Animal-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

6. Monitor How Much Your Pet Eats

When it comes to pet food, specific portions are important — too much can lead to weight gain and, eventually, disease, while too little can result in insufficient nutrition. If you’re in the habit of topping off the scoop or guessing at amounts of food, make a New Year’s resolution to measure carefully. Use the guidelines on the package as a starting point, and check with your vet to learn about your pet’s specific requirements based on activity, age, and size. The right amount of food ensures that your pet has enough energy to tackle daily activities while helping them avoid excess weight. It’s also a good idea to cut out “people food” treats, which aren’t always good for pets.

Photo: Flickr/Tom Thai

5. Try Something New

If one of your personal New Year’s resolutions is to get more active, find ways to include your pet. The extra activity helps keep your animals healthy, and it makes the routine more fun for you. Get out and explore pet-friendly hiking trails in your area, or find a dog yoga class. Take your cat to a safe, fenced-in outdoor space for some sunshine and playtime. The new activities can help you bond and meet other animal lovers.

Photo: Flickr/EmmyMik

4. Practice Better Hygiene

Just like humans, pets need great hygiene habits to stay healthy and happy. The New Year is the perfect time to practice better hygiene habits. Start simple: clean your cat’s litter box, or brush your dog’s teeth every day. When you’re ready to take things to the next level, start washing your pet’s bed cover every week; this helps reduce dander, eliminate parasites, and prevent the spread of diseases. Other great hygiene habits to adopt include washing pet food bowls every other day, applying flea and tick medication every month, and washing pet toys and collars every few weeks.

Photo: Flickr/kitty.green66

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