Pet Photography: Dos and Don’ts

When you want to catch your beloved pet in a photo, you can’t ask your dog to sit and pose for you, and cats are notoriously bad at smiling on command. Fortunately, there are some tips to help you get fab photos of your pets. Take a look at these eight tips.

Be Patient

You know your pet better than anyone, so just wait for that perfect photo that shows all the charm or emotion you’re looking for. Don’t worry — Your dog or cat will definitely come through for you.

Have Fun

Your dog can’t help but show off how much he loves you when you’re having fun together. Focus on the fun so you can find the right focus through your lens.

Find a Comfortable Location

If your pet loves to be outdoors, then head outside to take your best photographs. If your pet feels comfortable, you’re going to get great shots.

Distract With Treats

If your pet is focused on treats, you can sometimes catch a very intense photo. Look for the moment when you can capture your pet’s entire face.

Keep It Natural

Don’t dress your pet up in a crazy costume. You want to celebrate the way he is day in and day out, not the way he looks uncomfortable once or twice a year.

Don’t Make Your Pet Uncomfortable

Every pet has its own limits as to what makes it feel comfortable. Your dog may love water, while another may get tense around it. Keep your pet comfortable to get great photos.

Don’t Force a Pose

This tip goes along with the advice to keep your pet photo shoots natural. Have fun with your pet, and don’t force him to pose in any way that’s not natural or comfortable.

Be Prepared for Action

If your pet gets active, you may need high-speed film to capture perfect shots. Don’t try for the perfect shot, but keep firing them off and check to see what you got later.

If you let your dog or cat just be natural, you’re likely to get photos that you can share on social media with pride and treasure forever. Keep your eyes open and your camera ready to catch that perfect shot!

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