Late Owner Made Sure Her Cats Would Be Looked After With An Inheritance You Wouldn’t Believe

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As pet parents, it’s important to know that someone will care for your felines after you pass. In New York, a wealthy author ensured her two cats would receive excellent care after her death by leaving them $300,000 for their care and upkeep. That’s a lot of catnip!

When Ellen Frey-Wouter passed away at the age of 88, her cats, Troy and Tiger, found their futures secured with the generous bequest. The $300,000 was a small part of her $3-million estate.


Photos: ABC 7 New York

Frey-Wouter left detailed instructions for how the cats should be looked after, including her kitties’ feeding habits and grooming details. One condition of their care is that the cats are never caged.

Troy and Tiger were left with two of Frey-Wouter’s former home health-care nurses. As the cats incur expenses for food, grooming, vet visits, and that all-important catnip, their caregivers submit the bills to the manager of the trust fund for reimbursement.

Tiger went to live in sunny Ocala, Florida, where he spends his days soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the warmth, while Troy resides with another one of Frey-Wouter’s former nurses.

Frey-Wouter passed away without living heirs, so she divided the rest of her estate between her home health aides, her lawyer, and charitable bequests. Any remaining funds after Troy and Tiger cross the rainbow bridge will go to Frey-Wouter’s sister in the Netherlands.

While the two furbabies probably won’t have $300,000 worth of expenses, it’s a wonderful and heartwarming gesture that Frey-Wouter took care of them in her final arrangements. Such a generous bequest shows the depth of love and care that she felt for these furry members of her family. It’s an inspiration for pet parents everywhere.

Tiger and Troy are two lucky cats that have enough money to keep them living in style throughout all nine lives. Check out their story in the video below!

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