8 Tips for Making an Outdoor Cat an Indoor Cat!

It’s a big, bad world out there for small pets, which makes it appealing to turn your outside cat in to an indoor pet. This transition can be a challenge for some felines. While it isn’t a sure thing for all cats, here are some tips for helping your cat adjust.

8. Check Your Plants and Plant Cat Grass

Cats enjoy munching on some greenery; however, there are plant varieties that are toxic for your feline friend. Remove all toxic plants in your home and plant cat grass.

7. Litter Tray Placement
Litter is the place where your cat relieves himself. You want to keep the litter pan away from places where you cook, prepare or serve food.

6. Scratching Posts and Activity Trees
Outside, your cat keeps his sharp nails short by scratching trees and other surfaces. Providing a scratching post gives your feline a place to do that inside and saves your furniture. Also, activity trees give your kitty a place to climb and burn off energy.

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