Norm the Pug Knows How to Take His Own Selfies!

The internet has propelled many animals to fame. Among the lauded animal stars sits Norm, a spunky selfie-taking pug.

The Beginning
Norm’s been a star since early 2013 when he was about eight week old. He might not have been the first dog to grace Instagram, but he quickly gained fame until he had over 30,000 followers that year.

Norm’s Human
Norm didn’t reach the spotlight on his own, though, His human, a photographer named Jeremy Veach, first introduced the pup to the camera. The two have been inseparable ever since, even though Veach typically stays behind the camera.

Selfie Skills
Many favorite photos feature the pug with his front leg reaching up as if he’s taking a selfie. This shot has become representative of the pooch, landing him in photography magazine, “Ludique.”

A Wearer of Many Hats
This isn’t the only type of picture of Norm, though. He wears a variety of hats, from a Stormtrooper helmet to a potted plant. In other pictures he’s mowing the lawn or playing Nintendo.

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